Globe Cufflinks


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For the gentleman truly looking to stand out while displaying his impeccable sense of style to the world, cufflinks are a must. Our Globe Cufflinks are a firm favorite and an ever-popular best-seller, largely thanks to their ability to do just this. The striking design and bold colors ensure that the Globe Cufflinks offer a delightful glimpse of the world in miniature, creating a memorable talking point sure to get the conversation flowing. Their unique design and luxury style ensures that they are perfectly suited to a wide variety of occasions, from formal events to office wear and much more besides. The colorful globe is fully rotational, created from a charming assortment of semi-precious stones where unique colors represent the different components of the world. This centerpiece is fitted within the confines of a circular sterling silver cage and our signature whale back cufflink fitting, making the end result a pair of quirky, intricate and stylish cufflinks.